Get Them Home (This Slide of Paradise).

Here it is.

The season finale of a true journey. It began as a new direction, settled for mediocrity, then wound up in Hell.

This is by far the worst episode of the show we’ve seen. Mutants, a waste of Michael York, Rickman. The end of Rickman. The end of taste…

…and the last episode with Sabrina Lloyd.

So here it is, a 4500 word memorial to Wade Welles.

Read it on Earth Prime.


Billions Of Fish Can’t Be Wrong (Dinoslide).

This week on Sliders: Dinosaurs again! Which, for some reason, brings out the best the show has to offer. Also, I stock up on screencaps of Wade because I only have one more opportunity to do so. And boy, does that fact make me way more sad than it should…