All the things we’ve done, all the things we’ve seen…

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Oh! Hello there. Who are you?

I’m Annie Fish, a musician and cartoonist currently living in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

What is Sliders?

Sliders was a science fiction TV show that originally aired from 1995-2000.

What is Think of a Roulette Wheel?

At its core, Think of a Roulette Wheel is a project reviewing every episode of Sliders. It became more complex than that over time, blossoming into an exploration of friendship and loss. The brilliant side-effect of doing this project was not answering the question of “was Sliders good” (and the answer to that can be boiled down to either “better than you think” or “better than it should be”), but discovering that it was possible to engage in a deeper reading of the show. To read this project now, in this form, is to watch a person begin a comedy blog and find out that it was a blog about memory, emotion, toxic masculinity, fear of the unknown, warmth, chaos, and the thrilling ups and bitter downs of creating a science fiction television series for network television.

Where can I retrace this journey through Sliders?

You should check out the Archive.

Anything else I should know?

Just that I want to thank you, and everyone else for reading this— it meant the world to me, and it still contains some of my favorite pieces of writing.